Thursday, June 17, 2010


You have the sweetest smile that could make me smile with no reasons at all.

You have the most flawless idea when it comes to unique being

You have the mind of a man can never see through

You have the heart of seriousness, but insanely lovely

You have the most of me when i was down and cheer me up

I would love to see that smile everyday in my life

So I can smile just the way you do, sweet sugar pie, flawless.


ni bodoh-bodoh saja oke. hehe

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Am Em
detik bunyi indah itu
bersama kamu
Am Em
keindahan rasa
F Dm
bersama kamu

aku terjatuh, sakit lemah jiwa
Dm G
tak terbangun lagi

tak di sini lagi
tak di sisi lagi
senyumnya berpudar
tangisnya kembali

cubaan berdiri
Em G
masih menangis sepi
indah purnama
Em F
tidak bermakna lagi

Dm G
aku terhina, tidak pantas ketawa
Dm G
tak tertanggung lagi

Am Em
hentikan detik indah bersama
Am Em
hentikan senyum indah ketawa
berikan ku hati, mati

Dm G
aku terjatuh, sakit lemah jiwa
Dm G
tak terbangun lagi

*cough* and then *wide smile*

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


yes, numerous times i have fought the feeling
to not drown in the world you promised
to not believe in the miracles you have made
to not walk in the path you're taking me

only because i have never said i love you

no, never a single time that i won
those fights between the walls of love
mashing me form side to side
drowning me inside your love

and now i realized,
it is not that i want to win
but i am glad that i've lost in you

*gosh, love mangas. i should stop reading 'em. ;)