Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I love how i could sink into you but breathe really easy and have life seen so beautiful than i ever have.  

Monday, January 19, 2015


You never got me fresh flowers. Not once, not ever. I never mind about that because you always remind me about how girls always wanted to be given the flowers while i get to be the most perfect scented rose for you.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Moment

Now in this wreck, i can only think of you
To wrap my arms around your neck
And kiss you till i get the taste if your brilliance
We would dance around the room to the remarkably stupid pop songs and have fun
Until our favorite song comes out
And then we would slow dance to it
And start reminiscing all the good things that we have 
And how much its worth it
To have the moment
Just me and you

Un...kiss me

Tears falling
Rain pouring
Im sweating inside the blanket
Oh is it my thought?
Warm outside
But its so cold inside
Oh its only my body
Need to be touch
By other skins
Not my little heart nor
My soul
They've been frozen
Afraid of knowing other dimension
The world full of empty hope
They're already died
Fell with those petals from ur words
Sweetness that kills
The poisonous cure
Please go
Unkiss me
Thru my memories.....

- A.


I wrote about you. To feel like you're closer. To imagine your fingers trailing on my neck through my shoulder. To recall your soft hands wrapped around my hips. And the way our bodies collapsed into each other like a crossword puzzle. I write for the raw of emptiness and ache in my bones when the ink is starting to dry into the old trashed paper. For some sorrow yet sweet dreams that pushed me to bring you back.

- A.


I redecorated my room so the feel of you won't disappear. See, if i could, i would change the whole damn thing into the same way it would be with you so it would feel the same even without you. Your presence, your smell. Your touch. It lingers all across the room. And now I'm listening to your favorite tracks to sleep into. I have tried everything. But it's never gonna be the same anymore.

Friday, November 22, 2013

2NE1-Missing You

Stop acting like you’re
so comfortable Because you
and I, we’re still strangers
Stop whining like
you’re a child Because I
haven’t even started yet
I don’t like love that’s
like a child playing with fire
I’m just a little famished,
I’m alright
Actually no, I’m…
Still hating you,
who has let me go
My frigidly cooled
heart is still
Missing you,
missing you,
missing you
Missing you,
missing you
Stop being so obvious
Because the world was
always dark (you heard what I said)
How can you smile so brightly?
(what) But looking closely,
I see your face is sad
(I know I’ve been there before)
I don’t like the
calculative love of adults
I’m just a little tired,
I’m alright
Actually no, I’m…
Still hating you,
who has let me go
My frigidly cooled
heart is still
Missing you,
missing you,
missing you
Missing you,
missing you
The love of my youth
is ending like this
Please be happy Even after a
long time passes, let’s both
remember That we both had
each other back then
We both had each other then

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kalau hidup tak seindah mimpi, jadi kenapa bermimpi?

You are that memory
You are that hope
You are that happiness

Now, if I ask you to look back to what we were
Will you turn to see us again?
If I ask you to live the way we used to
Will you go back to that again?

I am obviously not over you.