Thursday, January 7, 2010

it's just a myth

In the words of a broken heart
It's just emotion taking me over
Caught up in sorrow
Lost in the song
But if you don't come back
Come home to me, darling
Don't you know there's nobody left in this world to hold me tight?
Don't you know there's nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight
-Emotion,Destiny's Child

it's the mythical bliss that made me went that far
so as it stops, i try to go further
my days were empty and still
considering it was already numb and cold
but i was filling it with our memories
i fought with the darkness that kept me in company
i fought with all the truth and lies for you, goodness sake
i tried to win but i was already lost
not in any argument
not in any fight
but to be honest, i've lost in you
keep me dry, dear lord
i don't wanna fall this hard.

and now, it returns
my days are empty and still
considering it is already numb and cold.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i might smile and laugh and cry and beg for forgiveness and smile again and laugh again and cry again and beg for forgiveness and go through the whole process over and over again. and as everybody keeps on reminding me, everybody has their own limits for patience. i wonder where did MY LIMIT go that nobody sees it?

Friday, January 1, 2010


indah, tapi pedih
perit tapi manis
lupakan, tapi teringat-ingat
sedih, tapi masih berjaga

jangan endahkan bisa-bisa yang beracun
habisnya kita tersenyum ketawa
hati pun bersih tanpa luka
dunia jadi seindah purnama

penghabitat rimba konkrit
bermula dengan "have fun" cara mudah
dan pengakhiran bergolek, cara mudah

endahkan kemanisan bersahaja
endahkan kesakitan sementara
tangis bukan untuk merana
tapi untuk menyedar tanpa dusta
dunia bukan hanya untuk kita