Saturday, October 31, 2009


for now, i don't have anything to write. mayeb bcz i've lost my inspiration. i've lost the soul that has been keeping me writing. i'm not sad nor happy. i'm just confused. i know what the hell went wrong but i don't know how to fix it. so, till things are fixed. i'm off to my final exam. wish me luck!

test 2 calculus 23rd march 09

when it's all complains
and tears strains
so i just wanna run away
wonders of thought
crying out loud
help me stand through this day

so, i keep running, i keep running
just, how far this never ends
i fear i'll never touch
the sky is near but it's all pretend

i need to feel
this numbness pain
flowing through my vein
to live without your highest pride
i failed to catch a breath

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a long lost friend

it's everything it is now
another roadway to be stared at
another hands to be shivered
and another pair of eye to be distinguished

a long lost friend said goodbye without a tear
a long lost friend said hello again in silence
hello, insecure. welcome back in joining the club.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the gloomy sunday

it's the gloomy sunday again
and i feel restrain

the watch ticks time
with no mercy, no boundaries
i saw you at the corner of the time
so i turned away

"why'd you turn away?", you asked.
i looked at you, silently with eyes full of diamonds
a cuddle nights onto me
"don't cry, i'm here", you always said

starry nights showed haow many questions i've been
wanting to ask
but the cloud always kept me silent
it was dark, it's what i'm afraid of
and the moon, she tried to calm me
either her, nor you, i lost myself already

since it's the gloomy sunday again
oh God, please.. don't let it rain.