Wednesday, April 29, 2009

08 MAY 2008 peter pan

you kept me up when i fall down
but you blew the stars away that i'm catching
then you climbed the moon to tell me how i'm beautiful
to be on the sun
the centre of the universe
you took my hands and leap on the rocks
take me to the fantasy
and there i am
wearing the crown of your heart
beds of roses right before me
then i started to fall, sinking
right into you

another blink of eye
made me realize
the new angel held tight in your arms
falling from the sky
there's no more tears to dry
finding a way to calm

so i play by ear
the secret song of a broken hearted girl

Monday, April 20, 2009

titled :: *shh!

its our story that doesn't start with a starter
its our story that i hoped would just never end
i wanna be in the scene
where on our way there's nothing stands
and i wish we cud stay be

another day another chapter
another smile another laughter
it is sweet when we dreamt of the future
iti s sweet when we went through the past
and it's just sweet that we're still here in the present

no more pretend
i let you wander around the truth
for you to see me just through

another frown stays on you forehead
your eyes looked down and i finally said
"hold me baby, i got my trust on you"
and then we hold hands and things got intense
sudden silence but we both understand

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've never seen the sky so blue
until the day comes when we meet again
back then it was me and you
only the oceans are blue but the sky was gray
so the waves go waving along the sand
now it's a we, an us and nothing stands
on our way to survive this
we kept it long ago but it didn't just go
it stays until we get the first kiss
we were broken by those who let us go
but we've never known the bliss existed between us
we were there for each other
i cried on your shoulder and you cried on mine

its not that i wanna spell it out for you
but just yesterday i woke up
and suddenly felt like calling you
i realized by then
that i was made for you

Saturday, April 4, 2009

stay away

i care for the one i love
i care for the one i need
i care for the one..the chosen one
we lived today as we met
we dried tears with our sweet laughs
we kissed the pain away when we locked our smiles
end it please with a never ending bliss
oh..agony. stay away from our heaven
we dare not to burn it to ashes
we dare not to make it final
as we are dreaming our hearts, its obvious

O LORD..dun make our senses dried of happiness
so that we cud get the the signal
until then
we dare not to make it final