Sunday, March 29, 2009

i've posted it

make an end properly or erase it and just start over,remember?

i see sunshines coming over
i see pouring rain before the summer
and then cloudless sky with rainbows of colour
i seek anger and get smiled at
i seek for revenge and get loved, fortunate
you came early
realizing you saved me
i don't need superheroes
when you're there backing up the flows
i laughed
i smiled
i dare to swear
that tears have stopped haunting to scare

so this time
i never want to make a proper end
nor erasing memories

so, please tell him, mr shiny star
"i'm always here where you are"

Saturday, March 21, 2009


i'm starting fall into
a deep conversation
as he saw me through
laugh with me
smile with me
shed tears away that stained
nor the pain remained
i kept myself to secret
and for once
you were the kryptonite
that weakens me all the way
losen the facts held tight
losen the strength i stood for the right
made the word kept spitted out
made me fall to pieces
and i cried
right beside the window of happiness
thanking GOD that i found you

inspiration :: kini

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


trust deceived
sounds like normal to me
until he end i did
stay and go with the melody

people hating
sounds like heaven to me
another choice for wandering
around the world solemnly

as much as you feel
as much as i think
things happening are real
and words blurt out on everything

lies within never try to control
watches ticking handling the time
indeed, it's the time i fall
begging forgiveness on the most possible crimes

i stayed for the reasons i can see
as heaven speaks you make me said
love, will you please keep me in strength
or just maybe
keep me standing till i lay on the bed