Monday, April 20, 2009

titled :: *shh!

its our story that doesn't start with a starter
its our story that i hoped would just never end
i wanna be in the scene
where on our way there's nothing stands
and i wish we cud stay be

another day another chapter
another smile another laughter
it is sweet when we dreamt of the future
iti s sweet when we went through the past
and it's just sweet that we're still here in the present

no more pretend
i let you wander around the truth
for you to see me just through

another frown stays on you forehead
your eyes looked down and i finally said
"hold me baby, i got my trust on you"
and then we hold hands and things got intense
sudden silence but we both understand


  1. hey..i didnt read my to ur question..and who are you??

  2. oh..she said still remember you..she kirim did you come across my blog??