Tuesday, January 27, 2009


your lips are sealed with broken glasses
makes me bleed each time we kissed
your heart is coated with thorns
hurting me all along i'm loving you
your sweet words are dipped into poisons
killling me each time i heard you say that you love me

i walked slowly into the dreamworld you promised me
then i saw you there smiling to me
i tried to run and catch you
but you seem to be closer but further
further away it became dramatic
things go wild and changes have tied
you waved your hands put your hands out
i tried to reach but suddenly
i found you another angel standing behind you
made me want to stop catching you
but i really can't stop
my heart is pounding faster but slower at the same time
a glimpse of our memory counts in my head
my eyes blinked with teardrops dropping
i kept on running in blur
then i realized
that i have disappeared in the world we created

inspiration :: the "last" one

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