Tuesday, February 10, 2009

somebody save me

i don't cry for undenials
i don't laugh of insults
i don't think for regrets
i don't make fool of the whole set
i don't walk away from my life
i don't give up for the one i love
i don't catch drama's in the middle of a war
i don't fool myself to catch up laughters
i don't waste time on losers
i don't do judgementals
i don't take notice of the big issues
i don't keep the hurtful memories
cz i don't clean them when times go wrong

memories are just meant to be remembered
it was blissful yet undeniably hurtful
never to realize it controls your posession and position
i turn to YOU when there's no where to turn to
i pray for YOU to come and save me
save me from myself...

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