Thursday, June 17, 2010


You have the sweetest smile that could make me smile with no reasons at all.

You have the most flawless idea when it comes to unique being

You have the mind of a man can never see through

You have the heart of seriousness, but insanely lovely

You have the most of me when i was down and cheer me up

I would love to see that smile everyday in my life

So I can smile just the way you do, sweet sugar pie, flawless.


ni bodoh-bodoh saja oke. hehe


  1. there's no such thing as bodoh bodoh je. kakak tipu! who is the 'you'? do tell!

  2. memang bodoh-bodoh jela adik oi. oke fine, tak berapa bodoh then but SANGAT TAK SERIOUS oke? :p